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Haven Street Development

The following represent the Haven Street corridor between Eastern Avenue and Boston Streets. Size and paths are not drawn to scale.


On May 17, 2022, BHN hosted a meeting with the goal to illicit neighbors’ feedback and eventually come to a consensus on a plan to present to the City regarding Haven Street and nearby intersections. This may also include other nearby areas of traffic concern due to increased development in the area.

Two separate maps and plans were presented and on display for the meeting. There are approximately 13 known projected projects planned for the Haven Street corridor. The BHN Association presented an original plan to DOT approximately 3 years ago in an attempt to be proactive with regards to traffic. We have also asked for a traffic study of the area on more than one occasion.


  • Traffic light at the O’Donnell St Underpass

  • Flashing light announcing the train on Haven St. NB/SB when approaching the underpass as is currently present when entering the underpass from O’Donnell St.

  • Rails to Trails crossing at the underpass (O'Donnell & Haven) instead of at Dillon St

  • Sidewalks on both sides of Haven from the underpass to Boston

  • Removal of parking on Haven St from Fleet to Boston

  • Center turn lane on Haven from O’Donnell to Boston. Possibly incorporate pedestrian island to facility crossing planned for Volo Fields

  • Repave Haven from Boston to the entrance to Canton Crossing near Crunch Fitness

  • More signage on Haven with speed limit signs, pedestrian crossing etc.

  • Reconfigure the intersection of Haven and Eastern to include a left turn signal all ways and a designated right turn lane from NB Haven onto EB Eastern

  • 4 way stop/traffic signal at Conkling and Toone


  • The Avalon Group is attempting to construct an apt complex in the current parking lot area in front of DiPasquale’s. Initial plans have been denied by UDAAP.

  • There currently are no definitive plans for the Overflo building located at Haven/Dillon.

  • The scrapyard located at the underpass is moving and current timeline of the move and well as future development is uncertain. There have been reports about a mixed use development.

  • Phase 2 of the Refinery Row project on Haven is still in discussion regarding zoning and use.

  • Liam Davis from DOT stated this area has been designated as a traffic mitigation zone which will result in increased funds for FY24. He will share plans from DOT with BHN


Forms were present for neighbors to write their feedback regarding the traffic plan in addition to the verbal feedback elicited. Feedback received included:

  • “Turn Fait and Foster into 1-ways with back in angled parking, like in Canton” (2 comments

  • “Volo Development needs to have parking” (2 comments) •

  • “For Toone and Conkling, look into LED flashing stop signs, currently used in Little Italy on Eastern Ave.”

  • “Additional pedestrian crossings on Haven Street.”

  • Speed Camera / Active speed sign on Haven Street

BHN will plan to share the feedback and proposals with the appropriate City contacts and agencies to make proactive progress as development along the Haven Street corridor continues.

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