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Brewers Hill Neighborhood Meeting Recap June 2021

Thanks to all who were able to join Zoom on Tuesday, June 8 for the Brewers Hill Neighbors meeting. We welcomed Commissioner Harrison, Senator Bill Ferguson and Delegates Luke Clippinger and Brooke Lierman from our 46th delegation, and Live Baltimore!


  • Look out for the first ever Neighborhood Engagement Survey. This will help provide a better insight to the makeup of the neighborhood and provide feedback on how the association and better serve you!

  • The association is looking for possible green space options. Information on potential spaces will be shared over the summer.

  • The next dumpster day is Saturday, August 28. Notification of this event will be shared closer to the date.

  • Coming soon - the first ever, one-of-its-kind BHN Reusable Bag. Cost will be $15 and proceeds will benefit the association to better the neighborhood and fund events. If that wasn't enough reason to get one, it's a large 15x19 bag that will hold groceries, your carryout from your favorite restaurants, at least 3 six-packs from Mobtown Brewing Company, and will hold a ton of Halloween candy for your kids during trick-or-treating! Only 100 will be available.


Commissioner Harrison, Baltimore Police Department

  • He addressed the recent Fells Point shooting stating that BPD is working with other city and other law enforcement agencies to address things like traffic calming and crowd control. Be assured that detectives are looking for the individuals involved.

  • SA Mosby/s announcement on not prosecuting certain crimes was announced in March 2020 to addressed jail populations during COVID. In 2021, she wanted to make this a permanent policy. This presents a challenge in communities when people are carrying open liquor and drinking and smoking marijuana in public. Officers are constantly giving guidance on how to address these types of crimes and challenges from this policy.

  • BPD still combats drug sales and distribution. There will be an announcement this week about a take down of a large drug distribution ring.

  • On guns, there is a strong partnership with ATF to focus on the control of gun trafficking. Criminals are gaining possession of guns and trafficking them. Recently, BPD is seeing homemade guns that are made from parts ordered on the Internet. These guns are untraceable. There are also intelligence tools that allows to track trafficking patterns. The main focus is looking at ways to control guns coming into the city and preventing their entrance. In the last few days, BPD recovered 30 guns. Gun recovery is up 30% YTD

  • On murders, the common theme is involving guns as a way to resolve a dispute. In 80% of the cases, the people know each other. A rise of domestic violence is occurring with 5 murders as a result of domestic result this year. Not all murders are related to group/gangs and not all of them are gun related. 8 were a result of stabbing or other trauma like a bat. In addition, drug related robberies are on the rise that can end in gun violence.

  • Part of the summer crime plan includes offering alternative pathways for individuals engaging in crime. The Neighborhood Policing Plan, a new plan for community policing, is in place and allows you and the Major to develop a strategy - on for SE Baltimore or even specific to Brewers Hill.

  • The Commissioner hears that people want officers out of cars. He is providing guidance on gamblings (that end in shooting), dirt bikes, increased foot control.

  • Officer morale is something that he is always working to improve and does so with improving working conditions and improved equipment, including new patrol cars.

  • The Commissioner mentioned that 56 arrests have been made in homicides and there are 10 open warrants for murder.

  • When asked about staffing, he said the plan for staffing is going well with the highest number hired in a 12 week period. This. year had a total of 46 recruits which was the largest in years. In addition, they have the largest pipeline they have seen in a while, and is enough to balance the attrition.

Senator Bill Ferguson and Delegates Luke Clippinger and Brooke Lierman

Del. Lierman spoke first and shared the following:

  • The focus on the legislative session this year was relief and recovery.

  • Progress of the hundreds of millions provided to the most vulnerable Marylanders hurt by the pandemic is being tracked and updated.

  • Brooke co-authorized legislation to create the Office for Statewide Broadband to ensure that all families are connected to affordable high speed internet by 2026.

  • She mentioned the total disinvestment in MTA and that each separate transit system breaks down often. Bipartisan legislation was passed requiring investments into the MTA system. Gov. Hogan vetoed the bill. The legislature will look at a possible override next sessions and Brooke stated that residents from across Maryland, not just Baltimore, have reached out asking her to override this veto.

Del. Clippinger shared the following:

  • Police accountability was a big issue during session especially in the Judiciary Committee which he chairs.

  • They looked at ways on addressing police conduct.

  • Created a use of force standard to make it clearer on what type of force officers can use. Mandated body cameras on all officers by 2025. 3 counties (Anne Arundel, Howard, and Harford) will have them by 2023.

Sen. Ferguson shared the following:

  • Reviewed at a high level the budget process

  • Shared a detailed reading for your late-night-cannot-sleep End of Session letter

Kim Wiggins from Live Baltimore

Live Baltimore is a non-profit working to promote and grow Baltimore.

  • Live Baltimore assist more homebuyers than any other organization in Baltimore. The goal is to help making buying houses affordable.

  • They help discuss schools for families and meet with families to answer questions and review options. Too often families think there are no good school options in Baltimore preventing them from moving or preparing them to leave.

  • Check out upcoming events like Six O’Clock Sessions (buying a home and mortgages), Conversations with the School Navigator and Baltimore’s Birthday Bash on July 30th. Visit the events page for more information.


Ben Petterson

Ben Petterson from Baltimore Remote Demolition, LLC has purchased the lot between 800 Fagley/Grundy and 3900 Hudson and Fait. He presented a plan in November 2019 initially. He asked to present again now that he has purchased the property. Upon his purchase, he posted signs on the lot enforcing immediate towing. He stated that he cannot have cars parked there for liability reasons. Currently the lot is empty except for a few work trucks of his.

Joe, president of Brewers Hill Neighbors, shared the sketch of his proposal.

  • He mentioned a center spot between the two rows of angled parking that would have a least 3 light poles on a lower level setting, about 10-12 feet in the air.

  • Spots on the ended were deleted to make it easier to turn into/out of alleys based on feedback from last year's presentation.

Questions from neighbors

  • Zoning question on parking needing to have 9 ft space on each side and the alley that need to have a 12 foot minimum space. Ben did not seem to think that was a problem with the design.

  • Asked about changing spot direction to prevent collision on exit. Right now all spots face the same direction meaning that all cars would exit at the same location in the alley. Ben said that he could change that.

  • Asked about cost. Ben is looking at $100 a spot per month.

  • Asked about snow and ice removal. Ben said he will be responsible for it and has equipment to remove and a location to dump. When asked, he confirmed he would remove snow/ice from the alley and cross allies.

  • Asked about cameras. At this time, there is no plan to include cameras because of electricity limitations.

  • Asked about handicap spots. Ben said he could reserve end spots for handicap spots. He is willing to do that if there is a need.

  • Asked about submitting a design to plan to get feedback and ensure there are not other requirements for the development. Ben said he was not aware that was necessary. Joe mentioned that planning advised a review would be helpful and other requirements for stormwater and forest preservation would be impacted. He said the concern is that if the design changes because of requirements from the city, that the neighborhood would like to know what the final design looks like. Ben said he would be happy to have a call with BHN and the Planning Department to review. Joe will follow-up with planning to discuss next steps.

Joe ended the discussion as it was getting more heated and less focused (from both parties). He thanked Ben for presenting and asked residents to email the BHN email with questions, comments, or feedback.


Joe thanked everyone for attending and for their support. He mentioned the following:

  • There will be no meeting in July and August. Meetings will resume in September with a special guest.

  • At the September meeting, nominations will be made for open positions of the BHN Board starting in 2022 - VP, Secretary, and 3 At-Large members.

  • Joe will be sending out a news letter in June with information the BHN Bag, the engagement survey, and how to nominate yourself or someone else for a position on the board.

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